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Possible links to add to: V7-V8 additional links...

Posted by byron.sloggett@gmail.com on November 30, 2015 at 3:40 AM

Looking to add some Links to the following sections,

-For the "Map for V7 - V8RO' Nav Links

"Latest OS/400 (V7/v8)- Links Sections, What's new" section, underneath the big Green buttons. ..

-And here what i got so far, anyone else , thoughts ?  plz let me know, if these would be helpful; and which page:


RE: FOR MURATEC WRK -again... again -- WEBS Urls to fix - And corresponding Links And attachments - for tonight - 2015 11 25

Byron Sloggett


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To: bsloggett@muratec.com Cc: 'Byron Sloggett at Live', byron.sloggett@gmail.com



Additional Links Needed:









WEB PAGES for research:












html searches:






















From: Byron Sloggett [mailto:bsloggett@muratec.com]

Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 5:10 PM

To: bsloggett@muratec.com

Cc: Byron Sloggett at Live; byron.sloggett@gmail.com

Subject: FW: again -- WEBS Urls to fix - And corresponding Links And attachments - for tonight - 2015 11 25




 -For the (valid web sites, for "Map for V5 - V8RO' Nav Link


(@ the bottom of the: "Latest OS/400 (v7/v8)- Links Sections, What's new" Green buttons. ..


< WHERE TO REGISTER , W/ Google Search: >








opening browser tabs again:












































Categories: Links to Add (AS400 anything about...)

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