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for the AS/400 professional; including DDS / RPGLE/SQL and XML/JAVA

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Provides a Summary/Index of Links For AS400 professionals

* Site-Map for V6R1-V7R1 *

(Below Links are AS/400 Coding Tips & Tricks Section I added (Extra bonus!!!):


* SEU COLOR - Tips 

   - Here are some some useful sites, for making your code look more exciting, and to get some color in your code. 

      - This site shows how to add color using Iseries Access - to color your comment lines: 


* SEU - color code your screen fields, using hex codes:

     - And this site, shows how to use Hex codes, in your D-specs to color different items, such as fields on your screen: 



Here are some Other awesome sites, for everyday work:    



***  Qualified Data-Structures, * AS400 MULTI-OCCURANCE DS, and tips And more, At the below site ***



Site Map for OS/400 ( releases v7/v8)- Links Sections, For What was new in 2011 

* Site Map * below is for the AS-400 programming info, for V5 to V7R1:  
- Column sections labeled in white, show  Latest OS/400 V6/V7) sections.  
- Bright Green buttons @ bottom of columns below lead to correct IBM pages:


Whats New v8r0 of OS/400 (see below)

Click the button below for the main site for getting started, with V8R0 of OS/400: 


Also, click here for the complete RPG lang. reference Guide:  


(Click button below)

For ILE RPG- %BIFS, Expressions, and Functions in v8r0, click below:

This section describes the various ways in which you can manipulate data RPG ILE -topics include: 

Click button below to find latest Op-codes for V8r0:


Documentation for DDS specifications: 

Documentation for CLP-Information:


Click below for the CLP syntax, Intro section..: 


And click below for CLP Main control commands


- CLP sorted commands section (Click below)

Additional Sites for V8R0: 

ILE RPG Language Reference-Chapter 20. Expressions, with bifs, and Opcodes 



*** RPG programming REDBOOKS -  Redbooks(TM) contains technical know-how, and "how to" information.



- (And at the above link also includes (Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? A Sorcerer's Guide)  This redbook is focused on RPG4 as a modern application development language.



Additional - RDI / RDP SITES for those interested: 


RDI – Main help index for RDI version 9.1  :     


RDI  -   OVERVIEW site, /  Help Index ,/  and tutorial site W/ VIDEOS ;

V6R1 - What was new in V6R1: Back in 2008


This section describes the enhancements made to ILE RPG in V6R1.


When THREAD(*CONCURRENT) is specified on the Control specification of a module, it provides ability to run concurrently in multiple threads:

  • Multiple threads can run in the module at the same time.
  • By default, static variables will have defined threads which will have its own copy of the static variable.
  • Individual variables can be defined to be shared by all threads                                                                                                                           using STATIC(*ALLTHREAD).

What Was New in v6r1 - IBM I-SERIES OS RELEASE:
 -->  See Added RPGLE programming Knowledge Center sites as well <Just click above to begin>    

-Here was the main home page = What was new in V6R1 way back when: 



-Main Page for V6R1 Programming languages: 


-Main page for V6R1 RPG4 - Programming reference sites: 





- Sub-procedure specifications for v6r1: 

(For defining prototyped procedures specified after the main source section, also known as sub-procedures.

-Main pages for V6R1 RPG4 - Programming references: Sub-Procs





The subprocedure prototype Example -It must be defined in the main source sect. of the module containing the procedure:



What Was New in v6r1 - IBM I-SERIES OS RELEASE:

 -->  See Added Knowledge Center sites below. 


Opcodes / The RPG IV programming language allows you to do many different types of operations, see below for list:


The operation codes for v6r1: 


v6r1: BIFS web Page: 


V6R1 - CLP and Latest DDS web sites:

Links for V6R1-sites:  for IBM i OS/400, version: 6.1 > Programming > CL AND DDS


Here are some useful sites:  for IBM i OS/400, version: 6.1 > Programming > CL AND DDS


IBM i V6R1- version 6.1 documentation for CL API'S:

Welcome to the IBM i V6.1 documentation, where you can find tech info about IBM AS400 by clicking below

i5/OS commands for V6R1 CLP:


The V6R1 CL Command finder Page:



What Was New in v6r1 - IBM I-SERIES OS RELEASE:

 -->  See Added Knowledge Center sites below. 



Here are the DDS References - for V6R1: 


(Data description specifications)

Data description specifications (DDS) allows you to describe data attributes in file descriptions,

that are external to the application program that processes the data, for displays/reports, and files.

Main site:





DDS for logicals and physical files:


DDS for display files:

You can use data description specifications (DDS) to define display files:


DDS for printer files:

You can use data description specifications (DDS) to define printer files:



V6R1-SQL Programming/API's and XML sites:


V6R1- SQL reference web pages for V6R1 


Terminology: SQL versus traditional file access DB2 for i5/OS provides two access methods for manipulating database tables and data using DDL/DML. SQL and system file access methods are also included:   



- And SQL status codes and Message finder: 


V6R1 APIs overview - FOR for V6R1:

-This API information describes most of the i5/OS APIs 

and some APIs for related licensed programs that run on the i5/OS operating system.

What's new for V6R1
Read about new or significantly changed information for the Application programming interfaces topic collection.

-The v6r1 API finder


XML - Toolkit and XML - for V6R1 : 


The Main home page:



V6R1 - the XML toolkit 



DB2 Database overview - V6R1


The DB2 for i5/OS - DB2 for i5/OS is the relational database manager 

that is integrated on your System i: 



What's new for V6R1-Read about new or significantly changed information for the Database topic collection.

PDF file for Database overview:



V5R4-Section, What was new in this old version: v5r4
(In early 2001-2003/2004 time frame, these
were the sites!

V5R4 site for CLP

<Additional links to... >



Service programs QXML4C310 and QXML4PR310 still exist in library QSYS in releases prior to V5R3M0, you are encouraged to use the newer parsers provided by the XML Toolkit 

Printable PDF - Use this to view and print a PDF of this information.



What XML is, what extensions and companion standards it uses, and what it can do for you.


V5R4 site for DDS & keyword finder 

<for inserting external DDS to the app programs that process data



<Also, here below is the V5R4 Main CLP CMD Finder - Web Page, including the CL Command Finder site below>   



V5R4 CL-Command finder: 


V5R4 site for programming in SQl:

<Additional Link for 

Programming in SQL>   



<Structured Query Language (SQL) implementation for i5/OS(TM) enables you to define, 

manipulate, query, and control access to your data>.   



For SQL PROGRAMMING pdf <downlaod> click the link below, and the PDF for the select SQL PROGRAMMING  will begin down-loading (approx. 35,544KB)



Additional Sites for V5R4
Control Specifications, SQL, XML, and Java sites for V5R4:


H-SPECS syntax for V5-R4 was found on these sites: 





V5R4 - Programming in SQL, (Structured Query Language (SQL) implementation for i5/OS(TM) enables you to define,  query, control, and access your Iseries data; find more on these sites: 

- Here is where the SQL Messages and codes, from release v5r4, were stored: 

v5r4 - SQL Programming PDF-<DOWNLOAD> the PDF for select SQL programming 
(about 3554KB).

V5R4 SQL -Here is more of the SQL- RELATED Documentation:  from V5R4 older sites  
his topic highlights the changes made to this topic collection for V5R4.

-V5R4-SQL names which were used in v5r4 RPG / embedded SQL applications:   

- The rules for Names in ILE RPG applications that use SQL were updated, see link below: 
 V5R4 - XML and Toolkit:
Extensible Markup Language (XML)

(XML) allows you to describe and organize information in ways that are easily understandable by both 
humans and computers. You can then share that information and its description with others over Internet:

Although service programs QXML4C310 and QXML4PR310 still exist in library QSYS in releases prior 
to V5R3M0, You are encouraged to use the newer parsers provided by the XML Toolkit for IBM System i5 LPO.
Printable PDF - Use this to view and print a PDF of this information.

V5R4 - Using XML
This topic explains what XML is, what extensions and companion standards it uses, and what it can do.

V5R4-Related information for XML
The XML community continually improves existing tools, adds tools, and helps evolve standards and extensions that increase the usefulness and flexibility of XML:

V5R4-XML Samples provided here include documentation for each XML i5/OS product:

V5R4-Related concepts for XML Toolkit for iSeries (5733-XT1)


Java (From IBM Toolbox)  - V5R4


IBM Toolbox for Java 2 Micro Edition-V5R4

The IBM® Toolbox for Java™ 2 Micro Edition package (com.ibm.as400.micro),


Which enables you to write Java programs that allow a variety of Tier0 wireless devices, and more at.



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